Phil Corley

Tripod Head Woes – Continued

If you read my previous post (Tripod Head Woes) you will know that until now, I have treated my tripod heads with little or no care. Basically the head remained screwed to the tripod and was exposed to all the same abuse that the tripod is subjected to. Not a good move when the head is more expensive than the tripod…

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Llanddwyn Island

It has been a dull and wet January so far, not providing much incentive to get out with the camera. But Monday this week had a decent forecast with sunny intervals and showers, so decided to have a day out to Llanddwyn Island…

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Stormy Day on the Coast

t is funny you travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles for your photography, but you don’t visit locations only 50 miles away. For years I have been “meaning to” photograph the Point of Ayr Lighthouse, more commonly known as the Talacre Lighthouse, but never got around to it…

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