Dull and Wet in Snowdonia

Having a spare day, myself and a friend decided to have a trip to one of my favourite bits of “Celtic Rainforest” in Snowdonia. As usual for this area, it was dull and wet but it was still very enjoyable to walk around and see if we could find some compositions. Being the end of autumn and almost winter, we weren’t expecting great results; it was really just taking the opportunity to be out and about practising.

Celtic Rainforest is a colloquial term which refers to the temperate rainforest of Ireland and Great Britain. These woodlands are also variously referred to as Atlantic rainforest, Upland Oakwoods, Atlantic Oakwoods or Western Oakwoods. Today, the Celtic Rainforest exists as small fragments of the temperate rainforest that once covered much of Ireland and the west coast of Great Britain. The majority of these fragments occur on steep-sided slopes above rivers and lakes which have avoided clearance and intensive grazing pressure. There are notable examples in Scotland on the islands and shores of Loch MareeLoch SunartLoch Lomond, and one of the best preserved sites on the remote Taynish Peninsula in Argyll. In Wales, they occur on steep-sided riverine gorges in Snowdonia and Mid Wales.

Celtic Rainforest – Wikipedia.org

Out of the images I did make, my favourite had to be “Snowdonia Cascade”

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