Tripod Head Woes – Continued

If you read my previous post (Tripod Head Woes) you will know that until now, I have treated my tripod heads with little or no care. Basically the head remained screwed to the tripod and was exposed to all the same abuse that the tripod is subjected to. Not a good move when the head is more expensive than the tripod !

Since I have had my D4 head repaired (over £500 bill !) I have started to look at removing the head between locations and only putting it on the tripod when setting up a composition. Then when not on the tripod and being used, it is safely packed away in my camera bag.

But what a hassle. I had to put the tripod between my legs and with both hands twist the head to free it up so I could unscrew it from the tripod. Then when putting it back on, you have to screw it back on and then make sure you give it a firm twist to ensure it is securely on. This really put me off taking it on and off the tripod.

Then one evening, I was watching a Ben Horne YouTube vlog and I noticed Ben quickly mounting his Arca-Swiss Cube head to his tripod and then just as quickly un-mounting the head. This provided one of those light-bulb moments for me, as I realised there must be a “quick release” accessory available 🙂

So a quick “google” and I found the ARCA-SWISS QuickLink which is described in the sales blurb as….

Combining a breach mount receiver on the tripod along with a tripod head base plate, ARCA-SWISS QuickLink makes attaching and removing your tripod head from your tripod a fast and easy operation. Installation is simple and once installed, ARCA-SWISS QuickLink components can remain in place. Thread the QuickLink mount receiver to the top of your tripod. Next, attach the QuickLink head connecting plate to the base of your tripod head, using the supplied allen wrench. Once both components are mounted, drop the tripod head into the the tripod receiver mount and rotate the knurled locking ring clockwise until snug. To unlink, turn the knurled ring counter clockwise and lift the head to remove.

Just what I needed; so quickly back to Robert White and order placed. Next day it arrived and was fitted to my head and tripod in a little over 2 minutes. Success. I can now attach and remove my tripod head in seconds – much, much easier than screwing it on and off 🙂

As expected the engineering and quality is up to the expected standard from Arca-Swiss; just wonderful.

Now if I had gone this route a few years ago, I would have very likely avoided the over £500 D4 repair bill. So now my D4 travels in the comfort and security of my camera bag.

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