Stormy Day on the Coast

It is funny you travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles for your photography, but you don’t visit locations only 50 miles away. For years I have been “meaning to” photograph the Point of Ayr Lighthouse, more commonly known as the Talacre Lighthouse, but never got around to it. So picking a day with a Spring High Tide, we took the short drive to Talacre and walked the short distance to the Lighthouse.

The Point of Ayr Lighthouse, also known as the Talacre Lighthouse, is a Grade II listed building situated on the north coast of Wales, on the Point of Ayr, near the village of Talacre. It was built in 1776 by a Trust of the Major, Recorder and Aldermen of Chester to warn ships entering between the Dee and the Mersey Estuary. It was replaced by a pile light and was decommissioned in 1844. It is now a privately owned property.

Point of Ayr Lighthouse –

After a blistering hot, long summer we hadn’t forgotten what coastal photography involves; the weather was horrible, it was cold – so cold – with strong gale force winds blowing in off the sea and bringing with it torrential rain showers. So we were on the beach, soaking wet; cold; covered in sand and having a great time. It was perfect conditions for photography 🙂

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