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I am a keen (or is that obsessive) landscape photographer living in Cheshire (England) who loves to be outdoors practicing my photography.  To me photography is addictive; there is always something to learn – not just the techniques, not just the way to compose, nor how to handle the light; but learning how to capture the way the landscape makes me feel. I know this will be a never ending journey as around each bend there will be another scene to capture and a lot more to learn

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I am always happy to chat to people interested in photography, so if you have any questions please contact me using this form, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram to keep up-to-date on new work and news.


The Old Groynes of Spurn Point

This body of work was taken over three days at Spurn Point in Yorkshire (England) in December 2022...

The Isle of Harris

This body of work has been created during three visits for my photography, focusing on the beaches of South Harris.

Project 3

To be announced


"When I am behind the camera it feels like time slows down - when I make an image time stops forever."