Another Autumn in the Caingorms

Just back from a very enjoyable week in the Cairngorms photographing the autumn colour and what colour we had; it was the best autumn colour I have seen with golds and yellows almost burning your eyes out 🙂

That being said, this is always a hard week with lots of yomping up hills and through waist deep heather that would wrap itself around your legs and try to pull you over. But you can’t complain with wonderful views and wildlife including Golden Eagles. Well I say can’t complain, but….

Deer Fly – On one day we were ambushed by millions of these horrible things (like spiders with wings) that would hook on to you making it hard to brush them off. There would go up your nose and into your ears; just horrible 🤢

Ticks – Now anyone that knows me, knows I absolutely hate ticks. So you take precautions, tuck socks in; put on gaiters; spray your legs with anti-tick spray and prey.  When you get back from the hills, hot shower and undertake the “Tick Check”.  Then relax.   Until you are having dinner and a tick falls off your jacket onto the table 😱 

But that said, it is a small price to pay for the privilege of being able to photograph stunning autumn colour in stunning landscapes. Can’t wait to come back next year; regardless of Ticks and Deer Fly 😀

Lost (again) in the Highlands

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