Dead Lake Reflections Part 2

It is good to see a location in a different light and at different times of the day, so we made an early morning return to Dead Lake, this time to shoot in Black & White.

With the lake being very shallow (about 1.7m) and sheltered on all sides by trees, the surface of the lake becomes calm very quickly, meaning it is excellent for reflections – something I again focused on with this visit.

One thing I did learn was that this lake’s real name is Delamere Lake, not Dead Lake. The lake is man-made with a culvert being blocked sometime between the late 1930s and early 1940s and part of the forest flooded quickly, creating the lake. At present, there is no clear inlet or outlet, hence the lake entirely depends upon precipitation, surface run-off, and diffuse soil and ground-water seepage.

But whatever its history, and name, it is a lovely location to visit

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