Dead Lake Reflections

After many years of driving or walking past Dead Lake in Delamere Forest – I thought it was time to have a scout of this local lake to be ready hopefully for the autumn colours and mists.

Traditionally I don’t do much photography in the summer; the light is too harsh, the colours too green and sunrise and sunset far too early or late. But I decided that it was time to think differently about summer, so I took the camera along for a bit of practice.

The light was generally flat, with lots of clouds and light rain showers now and again; but I enjoyed being out with the camera and can see lots of potential for the autumn in a couple of months.

Given the flat light and almost mirror-calm lake, I was attracted to the reflections of green, yellow and browns and so concentrated on trying to put together a set of work based on “Reflections”.

Whilst they are unlikely to make it to my portfolio, I thought I would share the result below.

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