Woodlands in Snowdonia

Well my friend Phil and I took a trip to a patch of ancient oak rainforest in Snowdonia. It was a pleasant day – weather was horrible, far too sunny and nice, but as we were there just to have a look around and practise (due to being locked down for most of the last year) we still had a good day.

It is strange how much you forget (or at least I have) and how rusty my photography has become. It took nearly all day to get anywhere near having my eye back into seeing compositions.

Anyhow – I don’t think any images from the day will make it to the portfolio, but I did get a few that weren’t too bad – see below…

But it was great to be back out and if I learnt anything from the day: –

  • Wear long trousers or get bitten to death like Phil was 🙂
  • Don’t head up through near vertical forest and climb 600 feet looking for a path that is on the OS map but actually doesn’t exist.
  • Get out more and never stop practising

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