Wild Garlic in the Woods

As the wild garlic is now blooming in woodlands, I decided to head out for an evening’s explore of a rain soaked wood in Derbyshire which I hadn’t been to before

With a broken umbrella not providing much protection during the frequent heavy downpours, I spent a couple of wet hours slipping and sliding on the muddy paths, trying to find some compositions I liked.

My favourite of the day is titled “Edge of the Woods” and was captured as the latest downpour was giving way to the beams of early evening sunlight. I liked the way the sunlight illuminated the characterful trunks supported by a carpet of wild garlic covering the woodland floor.

The final icing on the cake, was how the old moss covered wall provides a nice visual separation between the cool shadows of the wood and the warm defused sunlight flooding the meadow to the right.

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