The Hunt

The rucksack on your back is getting heavier as if it wants to slow you down and allow the prey to escape – all this equipment; surely you don’t need it all – not for this hunt; but maybe you need more.

At last, you get there. You checked the location out previously; you calculated where the prey would come from, what would be the best position for the shot; you have time; perfect.

Setting up is almost a habit, select what you will need from your bag, assemble it – you could do this in the dark; wait, it is still dark! Good, still time…

Line-up the shot; when it comes it will come just there; check for anything that might spoil the shot. Double-check everything, what is the weather doing – the wind is dropping; good; now wait.

It’s coming, just as planned; it’s creeping up slowly – you can just see it; soon.

Nearly, nearly, nearly – then it’s gone; just like that; gone! It was close, but it faded away into nothing – not even a hint of it being there. It’s getting lighter now, no chance of the prey showing now, it travels on the edge of the night; never in the daytime.

Packing up is unceremonious; dismantling and packing back into the bag, easy and quick. One last look around and then back along the path.

Going back is easier – downhill, but still the hunt has been hard; you think this will be the last time; maybe time to give up. The worries have gone, you know the result – the prey won again; time for breakfast.

The hardship and disappointment of the hunt quickly fade; back to the planning, back to watching the weather.

One day you will make that winning image of the sunrise; the location is great, the composition is strong, your camera is ready; just need to be lucky. Until then you will continue to enjoy the hunt – maybe more than the capture.

Next time will be the day; maybe tomorrow.

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