The Low Lighthouse


The Low Lighthouse is one of three historic lighthouses in Burnham-on-Sea, and the only one of the three which is still active. It is a Grade II listed building and stands on the beach. First lit in 1832, the Low Lighthouse operated for 137 years. Then, in 1969 the Low Lighthouse was deactivated; but later, in 1993, the Low Lighthouse was re-established.

At 36 feet high, this timer lighthouse standing on nine legs is a very well known landmark and a very popular subject for photographers. However, the tide here can recede for over 1.5 miles (2.4 km) and has the second highest tidal range in the world of 15 metres (49 ft) second only to Bay of Fundy in Eastern Canada. 

If you want the lighthouse fully surrounded by water (recommended), it is therefore key to plan your visit when there is a Spring High Tide with a forecasted tide ideally around 11.5m. Given Spring Tides only happen twice a month, your opportunities to visit are limited, especially if you want to photograph the lighthouse at sunset. But to be honest, high tide or low tide, you can still create some nice images here.

But be warned – the tide comes in very fast here, so be careful where you leave your camera bag! Likewise it falls very fast, so don’t take too long to capture your image otherwise the water around the legs you waited so long for, will be gone 🙂

Location Information

Location’s Area

Burnham-on-Sea : Somerset : England

Photography Genre

Coast / Seascape

Access Difficulty

Easy – short walk along a flat and firm beach.

Time to Location

8 minutes

Distance to Location

0.34 miles

Elevation Climbed

0 feet


Limited Street Parking on Allandale Road
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All information correct as of October 2022


Head onto the beach and turn right. Follow the beach down to the lighthouse.

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Some images captured at this location: –

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