Brocton Coppice


With around 600 oaks, including some over 600 years old, Brocton Coppice is a beautiful fragment of the original Forest of Cannock which once covered 200 square miles.

The predominant tree mixed in with the ancient Oaks is my favourite tree the humble Birch. However, management of the woods now means that the Birch trees are being selectively felled to create light and space for the Oaks. The fallen Birch trees are then being left to decay across unauthorised trails in a bid to prevent increasing damage being caused by mountain bikes, off-road motorbikes and quad bikes.

Whilst in the woods, see if you can find the now famous tree that looks surprisingly like a much-loved Lord of the Rings character. The oak tree, which is found in these woods, looks rather much like Treebeard, the ‘Ent’ in Middle-earth which help the hobbits defeat Sauron at the battle of Isengard. Its location is not difficult to find online, but I like the idea of you finding it whilst you explore the woodlands; far more fun that way 🙂

The circular route provided below covers a lot of the highlights of the wood, but my recommendation is to just explore, take any paths you come across and move off-path which will provide a lot more opportunities than you get from remaining on the paths.

Location Information

Location’s Area

Cannock Chase : Staffordshire : England

Photography Genre


Access Difficulty

Easy – Woodland paths, often muddy and uneven ground. Off-path bracken and brambles.

Time to Location

54 minutes

Distance to Location

1.97 miles

Elevation Climbed

244 feet


Free Car Park at Coppice Hill
View on Google Maps

All information correct as of October 2022


Leave the car park and pass the barrier gate. Keep following the path straight ahead (ignoring the paths to the left and right) until you come to a split in the paths. Take the left path and then immediately you will find a stunning group of ancient oak trees – marked A on the route map below and see “The Gathering” in the images below. From here you can explore the whole of the wood, or follow the circular route detailed below.

Download file for GPS

Some images captured at this location: –

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